Baller Parcel

Baller Parcel


tanThis is the ultimate jewelry parcel! I wanted to guarantee this lot is a great investment for any wire wrap jeweler. 

.59 g crystalline Venezuelan gold 

.62 ct Red Beryl point

6 g Tanzanite

8.4 ct Spinel

4.49 g Sapo Tourmaline

1.64 g Commander Mine DT Tourmaline

5.78 g Spessartine Garnet

1 g Tsavorite, 2 g Pederneria mine Tourmaline, fire agate, 

5.4 ct Muzo Emerald & 5.5 mm Facet Trapiche: .4 ct pair, 1.21 ct, .51 ct heart

1.72 g Chrome Tourmaline, 1.4 g Aqua, 4 g Fushite included quartz, 1.6 g Dumortierite included quartz, .87 g lemurian quart + bonus Trapiche round



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